Depression – Thoughts And Words By The Late Robin Williams

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Robin Williams, where does one even begin to speak on his life, his person and his tragic end. I would dare say that there are not many people on this planet, that do not know the name ‘Robin Williams’. 

Williams, a comedian, actor, husband and father — made the world laugh for years, all the while struggling with his own personal demons in the form of depression. These demons, ultimately caused Williams to surrender and in 2014, he ending his life. 

The news shocked the world and started an incredible discussion world wide about depression and anxiety. How could a man like Robin Williams suffer from depression? He appeared to have everything in the world right in his hands. An incredibly successful career, money, a loving wife and children. How can any of that be depressing? But that’s the funny thing about depression, it doesn’t care how rich or successful you are. 

Depression, anxiety and panic attacks are not signs of weakness. They are signs of trying to remain strong for far too long. – Robin Williams

From time to time, William’s would open up about his life and his battle with depression. Often times, giving subtle hints to the world that they are not alone. 

That is fact, if you suffer from anxiety and depression — you are not alone. 1 in 3 people suffer with depression and anxiety. You are far from alone. 

Quote from a 2006 interview with Robin Williams.

If you suffer from depression and anxiety, talk to someone. Reach out to a friend, family member or even a stranger. Depression and anxiety can be overcome, that is fact. Don’t bottle up emotions. Don’t be afraid alone. A simple conversation can turn everything around, for every minute is another chance to turn it all around.