Body Camera Video Shows Florida Deputy, K9 Split Up To Catch Suspects

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In a rare instance, an officer and his K9 split up in order to apprehend two suspects that were attempting to leave the scene of an accident.

Pasco County Florida Deputy Nick Carmack and Shep, his K9 partner, began chasing a stolen Ford Expedition. The vehicle crashed into a telephone pole and the driver, whose name was not released, fled on foot. Shep took off into the woods to catch him, while his human partner arrested the passenger in the vehicle.

After the passenger was placed under arrest, Deputy Nick and his handcuffed suspect, ran into the woods and down a long driveway where Shep was keeping guard of the runaway driver.

Deputy Nick and his pup were able to apprehend both suspects before backup arrived.

Shep surely knows his role and boy oh boy is he good at it!