These $425 ‘Detachable’ Jean Shorts Make Me Want To Hide From Society

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detachable jeans


I’m not sure what is going on lately in the world of fashion, but some people seem to have lost their minds! 

In the last few weeks, we have seen jeans being sold with fake mud on them and the ever so popular ‘Jeado‘, which is nothing more than a denim Speedo.

Now, we have jeans, that can turn into jean shorts in an instant…and they will only set you back a cool $425. 

Y/Project detachable jeans



These Y/Project multi-functional jeans could be yours. Features include cutouts where the pant leg detaches (sexy), a pair of jorts so short that they may just be denim briefs (Ooh), and a button fly (who needs that).

To me, the shorts look like something Brandon Walsh from the original 90210 would wear, but hey…who am I to judge!