Guy Finds Blob Moving Around In The Grass, It Hatches…But It Wasn’t An Egg.

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It’s true…you learn something new everyday! I have never heard of or seen such a thing as what we are about to show you below. 

A guy noticed a blob in the grass and thinking it was an egg getting ready to hatch, he waited and watched. What came out was something out of an alien movie. 


Red tentacle type objects started to emerge from the blob.  


The smell was horrific. 

The blob wasn’t an egg at all, in fact, it was a type of fungus. An incredibly strange and freaky looking type of mushroom called ‘Devil’s Fingers’. 

Devil’s fingers famously smells like putrid flesh. That disgusting smell attracts flies which help disperse the fungus’ spores.

This fungi is native to Australia and New Zealand.

Check out this time lapse video below of a Devil’s Finger ‘hatching’. 

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