Did You Know That You Can Get A Good Night’s Sleep With A Baby?

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“Ha, as a new mom, I don’t believe that.  My daughter is five weeks old and I honestly can’t remember a time when I slept more than 2 hours in a row.  You have to tell me the magic behind having a baby and actually sleeping for at least 8 consecutive hours at night?  There really is no magic behind having babies sleep well.  The real answer lies in the accessories you use when you put your daughter to sleep!  That and other topics are the subjects of this article!

Did you know that custom blankets for babies work wonders?

“Okay, so I had no idea that custom blankets for babies even existed.  You’ll have to educate me further on this.  There is really nothing to educate you about.  All you do is go online and find stores and companies which make and sell custom blankets.  You will likely find that most of these companies will dye burn images which you send them on the blankets.  If you choose soothing pictures, your newborn will see them, and since babies and newborns like pleasing and soothing colors, she will fall asleep right away.  The fact that the blankets are made out of comforting, soothing, and soft wool and cotton which cushion and caress the body only adds to the sleep wonders it works for babies.

Your baby sleeping well at night can actually improve her IQ and EQ!

It’s true, it may sound like a lot of nonsense, but it is not.  Babies’ brains are rapidly developing and this is why pediatricians and anyone who deals with babies emphasize the importance of sleep for babies’ development!  Babies need to sleep for many hours during the day and night (though unfortunately, not continuously) because their brains are developing the wiring in terms of neuron, synapse, and dendrite development they will need to function as intelligent and well-adjusted kids.  So continue to swaddle and rock your newborn daughter to sleep every night.  You will be glad you did 10 years from now!

How do you make a weighted blanket?

A weighted blanket is one that is made out of thick and durable material which is comfortable and soft.  It is stuffed with weighty objects that are soft and easy to squish down.  If you have ever wondered how to make a weighted blanket, the process is simple.  First, choose the design you want, then cut the patterns and designs out in the fabric which will make the blanket’s surfaces.  You then place the stuffed material on top of the bottom layer of fabric, cover it with an upper layer of fabric and stitch away!

Now you have no excuse!

That’s right, you now have no excuses and no reason not to sleep well at night.  All you need to do is buy the accessories mentioned away and use your creativity and imagination!  You will be amazed as to just how quickly you will fall asleep and just how easy it will be to be in a state of REM sleep for many hours!