How To Use Junk Mail To Make Unlimited Free ‘Firewood’

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Lets face it, junk mail is one of the biggest pains in the you know what out there. Day after day piles of useless paper enters our mailboxes and we typically just toss it away in the garbage.

Although most of us enjoy the idea of recycling, many of us have failed attempts at doing so. The junk mail can certainly add up so why not turn it into something positive, like a heat source!

Check out this awesome DIY hack to turn your junk mail into free, useful firewood!

You can also use newspaper too! There are plenty of newspapers thrown away daily or piling up your local recycling center.

If you don’t burn wood at home, these are also great for campfires or backyard fires! These paper bricks will keep your fire burning for hours upon hours!

WARNING: Cooking food over junk mail is hazardous; only use this technique as a heat source, and always burn responsibly! 

via – Tiny House Listings