Difference Between The Espresso Beans, Which One Should You Buy?

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Hello coffee lovers! We all need a pump of Espresso before starting our day. While most of us can grab a coffee cup from any barista on our way to work or school, some people love to make the wonder drink in their homes. The secret of making good espresso is in the coffee beans. But one thing that you have been thinking wrong all this time is that ‘Espresso’ is itself a bean type! 

Yes, you are reading it absolutely correct! If you are in search of the perfect Espresso beans then you wouldn’t find one. That’s because there is no such type of coffee beans. However, don’t feel disappointed as you can still have that ‘Barista’ made Espresso in your kitchen! How? For that, you have to read this article…

Two Common Types of Coffee Beans

Whether you are making espresso or black coffee, you must know that there are two major common types of coffee beans – Arabica beans and Robusta beans. Both of these coffee beans can be used to make the best espresso cup but don’t confuse these two as the same. There are marked differences between these beans.

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Here is what you should know about these coffee beans:

  • Caffeine Content Level:

The Arabica and Robusta beans come from different plants. Therefore, the caffeine content level in both types also varies. Robusta beans are known to have a high level of caffeine content as compared to Arabica.  

  • Taste and Aroma:

Everyone knows that coffee is all about aroma! But the aroma is not just what you need – taste also matters. The type Arabica has a mild taste but has a very strong aroma. On the other hand, Robusta lacks the aroma but has sharp and bitter tastes. 

  • Bean Shape, Size and Color:

Another major difference between these two coffee beans is shape and color. The beans of Arabica are elongated, flatter and have an elongated furrow. It has a deep green-bluish color before roasting. While the Robusta is convex, round with a straight furrow. It has a pale green color.

So Which Bean Is Best For Espresso?

Now that you know you can make Espresso from any bean type, you must be wondering which one is the best espresso beans! Before debating about this question, there is another thing about Espresso’s taste and texture that you should know. It is not just the beans that count but also how the beans are roasted and which coffee maker machine you use.

If you use dark-roasted beans for espresso then switch to simple roasted ones, as the former ones are for brewing black-coffee. Coming back to the point of which coffee beans you should buy to make Espresso… Well, there is no restriction as to which means you should use it. It totally depends on your taste, preference, and style. 

Throughout the world, different baristas use both bean types to brew ESPRESSO for their customers. For example, people in Italy prefer Robusta for brewing espresso because of its caffeine level and strong taste. One last thing that you need to know is that Arabica coffee beans are rather expensive compared to Robusta!