The Ever So Popular 90’s TV Show ‘Dinosaurs’ Is Coming To Disney Plus This Fall

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The show ‘Dinosaurs’ came out on ABC back in the 1990’s and boy oh boy was it a big hit! The show was created by the Jim Henson company and it featured a super cool, realistic looking ‘dinosaur’ family. The show had 4 seasons and a total of 65 episodes.

It was about a family of dinosaurs, the Sinclair family, who lived in the modern world. They had TV’s, electricity, and of course humans as pets. It is such a cool show, and quickly became a fan favorite during the 90’s.

While there is no set date as of yet in regards to the release of the TV show on Disney Plus, it will appear on the streaming service in the fall of 2020.

When Disney Plus was created, many were in hopes that the show would make an appearance on the network, now, those hopes are coming true! Finally!