Guy Sells The Most Disgusting Car Security System Ever On Ebay

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dirty underwear car security system


Well this is a first!

If you are a car thief, you may want to start carrying a set of gloves…and a nose plug!

A British author has begun a new business venture on Ebay and it’s a rather crappy one, literally.

Seller Nick Fisher is selling pairs of soiled underwear on Ebay as a car security system for $12 a whack. Nick claims that the listing was simply a marketing ploy to promote his new book “The Best Husband and Wife Joke Book,” which is full of goofball humor, but he was completely shocked to actually start making sales.

Nick got the idea one day after returning from the gym and seeing a pile of dirty underwear on his floor. So he spread some Marmite onto a pair for effect and wrapped them around the wheel of his BMW. Took a picture and listed them on Ebay.

“I have several pairs available, and in various colors, though all of them are shaded the same in the middle-brown,” Fisher said.

Even though the listings were meant to be a joke, he is honoring his sales and shipping out the dirty duds to the buyers!