Discover Super Glue – It’s Amazing

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Often taken for granted, super glue is one of the most amazing tools. Versatile and fast-acting, the little tube can get you out of a tight spot and keep your favorite footwear and other clothes wearable for longer. The market is worth millions, and every day, super glue somewhere helps somebody on the planet.

So what is Super Glue?

In 1942, Dr Harry Coover and his teams were researching clear plastic for gunsights, working for Eastman Kodak. Inadvertently, they discovered a material with high bonding properties. The team didn’t see a use for it at the time, but later, the product’s natural brilliance was eventually realized. The first tube went on commercial sale in 1958, released by Eastman Kodak. It has offered an effective way of mending various materials ever since.

To give the glue, it’s full name you would call it cyanoacrylate adhesive. It is capable of bonding a wide range of materials including:

  • Stone
  • Metal
  • Wood
  • Leather
  • Plastics
  • Paper
  • Ceramics

One of the amazing things about it is that it is temperature and moisture resistant. This expands its uses and capabilities. You’ll often find the substance bonding outdoor materials that are extreme hot and cold temperatures.

Easy to Use

One of the great things about the adhesive is that it is straightforward to use. As it is in a gel-like form, it doesn’t drip, and a few dabs are often all you need to make a good repair. It also doesn’t dry in the nozzle, so your glue is good to go twenty-four seven.

There is often a range of applicators available for your glue including brushes. This makes more repairs more effective as how you apply the glue is important.

Common Super Glue Repairs

Often, super glue is perfect for many repairs. Consider it for the following tasks.

Fraying Leather

When leather starts to fray, it generally doesn’t take long before the leather splits apart. A quick application of super glue and you can stop the leather from fraying before it becomes a problem. A descent glue will set in seconds and be colorless and odorless. Most importantly, it will stop the leather from fraying.

Try it with:

  • Shoes
  • Belts
  • Jackets
  • Bags
  • Watch straps

Broken Bag Strap

We’ve all experienced a broken strap. Often, the strap comes away where it joins the body of the bag. It is annoying and tends to happen to your favorite bag. A precise application with good super glue and you’re strap is fixed, and your bag is back in action.

Given the quick-drying and bonding time, you shouldn’t have to spend very long fixing the strap. Your bag is good again in no time!


Rucksacks are great but not if the strap breaks! If you use your rucksack a lot, it is worth checking for fraying straps and seems. A dab of glue and you’ll prolong the life of it frequently.

In the Car

Keeping a tube of glue in the car is a good idea. Upholstery tears, splits in the plastic, and fixing things like cracked lights, the list of where it can solve a problem is endless. Keep a tube in the car so you can keep things working before you can make a proper repair.

Super glue is your new best friend!