Disgusting Social Media Challenge Has People Stomping On The American Flag

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Now this is just plain disgusting. A few hours ago this video was released of a woman named Erica Walker stating that she is doing the “Eric Sheppard Challenge”. This challenge calls for people to stomp on the American Flag while chanting “Fuck Your Flag“. Is it me, or is this  just plain ridiculous and sickening.

These are Americans…living in America and stomping on the symbol of America. How ignorant and ridiculous is this country becoming. People fought for this country, shed blood for this flag so people like Erica Walker can be FREE and this is how people show respect??? My mind is blown!

*Eric Sheppard is  a black college student wanted in Georgia after his gun was allegedly found on campus during a series of protests—a few black Atlanta women are making their own videos while they stomp on the American flag.

Please tell us what you think of this disgusting act of ignorance. 

Source : Youtube