Dishes You Can’t Make At Home: Edible Gold

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Gold has always fascinated mankind. Gold jewelry and coins permeated with the desire to possess. The miraculous powers of gold truly have no limits. In many countries, it is customary to give gold coins made from pacific metals, which can be purchased from reputable dealers, or for example, a gift of chocolates wrapped in edible gold foil is considered a very good gesture.

Like our ancient ancestors, we still believe that, in addition to royal grandeur, gold has healing and magical properties. But for the sophisticated, gold found its use – gold began to be eaten.



Gold-Ube Donuts

Donuts have migrated to the category of “special offers” because for a portion of three rings, you will have to pay three hundred bucks. These unusual donuts are stuffed with the appropriate filling – sweet purple yam mousse. And on top,they are covered with soft glaze Cristal champagne jelly, which has subtle honey notes and is prepared on the basis of Cristal champagne. The top layer is sheet gold, covering the entire surface of each donut.


Angel Tears Golden Caviar

The next dish from Japanese table wizards is Angel Tears golden caviar. True, with one important caveat: this “caviar” is only called such, because it is a substitute for it and is made using a special technology from a mixture of lemon juice and white wine. But each egg contains crumbs of gold leaf. This beauty costs two hundred dollars for an 85-gram jar.


Lasagna With Gold And Diamonds

This dish is prepared from the best ingredients: marbled beef (kobe), Iberian and Parma ham, Italian hard parmesan cheese, mozzarella, porcini mushrooms and even truffles, as well as Alfredo sauce with foie gras. Well, the presence of a 23-karat gold leaf in this dish, and even with diamonds, surprises with a suspiciously low price of $100 for a serving of such ingredients.


Happy Sushi Rolls

In order to attract good luck and scare away misfortune, in early February, the Japanese unanimously absorb echo maki – large rolls. Every year, in honor of this “fun” for cash customers, Shinjuku Isetan releases special “happy sushi rolls” covered with edible gold instead of traditional nori seaweed. In addition to it and rice, the dish also includes 12 seafood popular with the Japanese, including tuna, salmon, shrimp, mussels, sea urchins, crabs, caviar, etc.


Golden Burj Khalifa Burger

At the Eat The World DXB street food festival in Dubai, the British company The Roadery presented a hamburger decorated with food gold called the Burj Khalifa. The sandwich consisted of five marbled beef patties, truffle cheese, foie gras, saffron mayonnaise and blackberry ketchup, all covered in a sheet of 24-karat edible gold.


Golden Bacon In Baconery Chocolate

Local confectionery company Baconery has released, to put it mildly, a strange delicacy – chocolate-covered bacon. Moreover, they also decided to sprinkle this “dessert bar” with edible gold flakes.


Gold Lollipops

Lollipops “24 Karat Gold Lollipops”, as the name implies, are made using 24 -karat gold, which is perfectly visible because the candy itself is transparent. This is completely handmade in the USA. For $36, the customer will receive a six-pack of lollipops. Seems like too cheap a deal.


Golden Bagel

The idea for a $1,000 bagel came from Chef Frank Tujay of The Westin New York. The bagel is topped with goji berries and 2-karat gold leaves and covered with white truffle cream cheese, popularly known as white gold and considered the second most costly product after caviar.


Golden Chicken Wings

The cheapest dish ($5) is cooked with edible gold. Fried chicken wings soaked in champagne and coated with golden flakes are a novelty of the American restaurant chain Popeyes Louisiana Kitchen. This special dish, which included six boneless chicken wings, a side dish of your choice, and a dessert, was sold at the same price as regular wings without the gilding.


Exousia 24K Gold Luxury Water

Exousia is water that has been infused with 24-karat gold. It has anti-stress and anti-gerontological characteristics, according to the manufacturer. Exousia can cost up to $2,800 each bottle.



XXIV Karat Grand Cuvee Golden Sparkling Wine

Sparkling wine is produced in California, USA. It contains gold leaf and 24-karat gold flakes. Representatives of the company claim that in addition to creating a bewitching shimmering effect, edible gold also has a very decent effect on the taste of the drink. The cost of a bottle is $31.


Golden Cappuccino

The world-famous Burj Al Arab Hotel in Dubai offers guests a very unusual morning cappuccino with golden flakes and Grand Cru Guanaja chocolate marshmallows, which is also made using Italian edible gold.

 And finally, if we turn to history, in ancient Egypt, Queens Nefertiti and Cleopatra ingested gold to improve health and maintain beauty. The alchemists of medieval England included it as an obligatory component in the “elixir of life”. The Greeks believed that gold promotes digestion and has a beneficial effect on tooth enamel. In China, gold is considered a gastronomic product: rare delicacies are wrapped in it, which are then eaten along with the packaging. But most of the precious metal is eaten in India – 12,000 tons per year.