‘Dishwasher Cooking’ Is Apparently A Thing That People Are Doing Now…

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When we think of dishwashers we typically think of soap, suds and clean dishes. The last thing we think of is cooking food!

…well…in the words of the great Bob Dylan ‘times, they are a changing’.

Enter dishwasher cooking. It sounds gross, soapy and unhealthy for sure, but if done right, you can make some delicious and healthy meals.

What you need to do in order for this to work is place your food in an air-tight container. Turn the dishwasher on its highest setting and it’ll do the work for you!

dishwasher cooking

The hot water that covers the containers ensures that everything from vegetables to seafood cook evenly. 

dishwasher cooking1

Rather an interesting way off cooking…

dishwasher cooking 2 

Yes…you can even cook lobster in the dishwasher

dishwasher cooking3

What do you think? Would you cook a meal in your dishwasher?

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