Disney Employee Wards Off Alligator From Splash Mountain Ride

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In this video, we can see that a park employee is using a rod and netting to try and ward off a small alligator, which is just feet away from those riding on the popular Splash Mountain water attraction. The alligator doesn’t even seem to be phased by the human’s presence, and no matter how hard the employee tries to force it back into the water, the animal refuses to retreat.

Alligators have been a known problem to the resort for a number of years, especially as visitors have been known to feed the animals.

“There have been several times that we’ve had to shut down Splash Mountain for a bit because we had to get a gator out of the track,” one anonymous employee source says. “Often, there are gators in the water under the boardwalk walkway between FrontierLand and Tom Sawyer Island.”

Many people have criticized the Disney park for not making the threat more clearly advertised with signs, but after the sad and horrific incident with the toddler who lost his life last week, it seems as if the company will be redesigning some areas of the park to increase safety.


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