Disney Riders Rescued From Sinking Pirates Of The Caribbean Boat – Caught On Video

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A group of Disneyland guests were cruising around on the Pirates of the Caribbean ride when their boat began taking on water. The ship was going down.

Disney Fire and Rescue personnel were called in to aid in the rescue of the guests. We say rescue with a grain of salt of course – as there was no danger to the guests at any time. 

The riders were stuck on the ride for over an hour, but they finally made it back to land! The situation was of course caught on video and shared on Tik Tok. Check it out below!

The group that was stranded received $30 vouchers each to purchase some dry socks and they were also compensated in Disney’s ‘Lightening Lane’ passes…allowing them to cut some of the long waiting lines often seen throughout Disney.


It was a hot mess. Honestly thought we were gonna swim our way out of this #disneyland #brokenride #piratesofthecaribbean #dca #anaheim #fyp

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