Disney’s Frozen Didn’t Get It All Right, 33 Mistakes Made In The Movie You Didn’t Realize

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Let’s face it…Disney’s movie Frozen was a huge hit.  Youtuber “MovieHouse” put together this video depicting 33 mistakes that Disney made that we all more than likely missed.

First 13 Mistakes-

1. During the opening song “Frozen Heart” the ice cutters begin by ramming saws through the ice. Any ice thick enough to support a person, let alone the block thickness seen, would require a hole drilled for the saw to start, the saw would just bend instead.

2. During the song ‘For The First Time in Forever’, Anna runs into the gallery and a painting of a woman on a swing is seen to the right of the door. Later in the scene she is seen leaping off a teal-colored seat to make the same pose as the woman. This is impossible since there were no seats beside the painting other than the one under it.

3. During Elsa’s part in the musical number “For the First Time in Forever” she takes off her gloves and grabs a jewelry box and a candlestick in her bare hands in practice for the coronation ceremony. As the two items start to freeze she quickly puts them back again on the furniture and there is frost still visible on them. During the actual coronation, the same thing happens with the crown jewels she holds on her hands, but when she drops them back on the cushion, they’re briefly visible and there’s no frost on them.

4. During the song “Love is an Open Door”, Ana and Hans are dancing on a light house, and their dancing shadows appear on a nearby sail, but not the shadow of the floor they’re dancing on.

5. During “Let it Go” Elsa assembles Olaf and then in the next shot she is looking up at the sky and there’s nothing around her.

6. In “Let it Go”, after Elsa releases her cloak, an overhead shot shows she’s about 30 feet short of a gap, walking forwards, on a flat expanse of snow. She then keeps moving towards it while singing in closeup (which would have taken her right up to the edge). She then runs forwards in a wide shot, but instead of falling off the edge she should be right next to, instead she runs up over a hill that appears from nowhere, before she creates the steps to bridge the gap.

7. When Elsa lets her hair down during “Let It Go”, her braid passes through her left shoulder. The intention is that it should look as though it has swung there under its own weight, but when viewed frame -by-frame it jumps through too quickly and there is too much of it already there when she turns and runs her hand beneath it for that to be the case.

8. In scenes outside Wandering Oaken’s Trading Post there is no evidence of wind or storms. However, when the door opens for both Anna and Kristoph’s entry, the sound of blowing wind can be heard and the wind apparently slams the door.

9. Kristoff’s stringed instrument has four strings, but only three tuning pegs.

10. In the scene where Kristoff and Anna are riding on the sled, in the first shot of them in the sled, Anna’s hair is behind her, flowing in the wind. In the next shot, her hair is in front of her, resting on her chest.

11. When Anna and Kristoff are in the sled on the way to the North Mountain, Kristoff asks her, “Didn’t your parents ever warn you about strangers?” Anna replies, “Yes, they did.” and moves over. The camera then focuses on Kristoff and then both of them. Anna is then shown in her original position.

12. When Anna and Kristoff are being chased by wolves on the sled, Anna uses a fire-torch to set a blanket on fire, she then drops the torch and it disappears.

13. Anna walks a few feet to put Olaf’s head back the right way on his body. After she does this, she is back to the position she started in and Olaf has moved between Anna and Kristoff.