(Disturbing) Six-Year-Old With Horrific Language Is Egged On By Her Mother While Playing Dolls

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Please Note : The only reason we are sharing this video is because it needs to be shared. This poor child needs to be removed from the care of her mother. There is nothing cool or awesome about this video. This video isn’t a joke and is a very sad realization that some people should not procreate. This mother is a very sick individual and maybe if the video is shared enough, someone will know who this little girl is and take the appropriate steps in order to get her the help she needs.

Here at Awesome Jelly, most of our staffers are parents and wonderful parents at that. We all watched this together, in disgust and had a long debate on whether or not to post it. We couldn’t help but wonder what might happen if this video is shared enough and this little girl gets a chance at a real life someday, not this horrific, low-life, uneducated mess she is living now.

If you do happen to know who this is in the video, you can contact childwelfare.gov

Video was uploaded on June 12th, 2015 by Reddit Watchdog

WARNING : Extremely foul language used. Video will make you angry, outraged and sad. 

(via- youtube)