DIY Floating Cloud Light Will Illuminate Your Room With A Thunderstorm

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Clouds are an amazing sight to see and it’s always quite relaxing to stare at them as they roll about and change shapes in the sky. So, the wonderful people behind the lifestyle blog Like a Riot have come up with a DIY floating cloud light that will allow you to relax and stare at the clouds in your own bedroom. Lucky for us, they more than willing to share us the steps to help us create our own.

Source: Like A Riot

The clouds look quite real and the best part, the materials to make them are quite inexpensive!

Here are the materials you will need: a white pendant lamp, two 12cm Styrofoam balls, bastelwatte or fiberfill, screw hooks, glue gun, and cable ties. You may also add some LED string lights to create a storm effect. Do note that in this project, the most important material is the fiberfill. This is the synthetic fiber that will give your lamp its cloud-like appearance!

Step one, affix the screw hooks to the styrofoam balls. This is what will be used to hang the cloud from your ceiling. Next, attach the balls to both sides of the lamp. Then, take small pieces of the fiberfill and simply attach them all over the lamp and balls. Feel free to make the cloud as fluffy as you want!

You are now ready to hang the cloud from your ceiling. If you want to make the cloud light up, you can affix some super cool LED lights of your choice. Simply attach them using tiny zip ties and a hot glue gun!

I mean…how cool does this look?

Source: Like a Riot Website | Facebook | Instagram