Use This Simple Solution To Clear Frost Off Your Windshield

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diy frost mixture

With colder temperatures creeping in, frost is inevitable. There is nothing worse than heading out to your vehicle in the morning and having all the windows covered in a layer of frost, especially if you are already late and have to be somewhere.

Here in Maine, the frost hit last week like a slap in the face and I personally wasn’t impressed!

There are a few ways to remove frost from the windows of your vehicle. You can of course, start the vehicle and put the defroster on…but that wastes time and gas. Than there is always the plastic ice scraper…which again…takes a long time and never really does a great job as it leaves annoying streaks.

There is one simply concoction that will get rid of frost in just a few seconds, allowing you to spray it one…hop in your vehicle and drive way!

The solution is 1/3 parts water and 2/3 part rubbing alcohol. Mix it up in a spray bottle and keep it handy for those cold, early mornings!

Check it out in action below!