10 Easy Tips For A DIY Haircut You Can Do Right At Home

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diy haircut tips

Cutting your hair at home can be a not so easy affair in the beginning. It might seem impossible, but with little but consistent practice, you will get into the flow. By trying out different styles, you will be amazed by the number of styles that can look great on you.

Occasional haircuts at home can also translate into having healthy hair. This is because you will continuously remove hair ends; thus preventing splitting of hair shafts.

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Concentrating on DIY haircuts can save you money and provide you with a host of new DIY techniques to try every other day. Read on for tips to help you achieve this and much more!

Get the right tools

To get desirable results, appropriate tools ought to be used. You don’t want to leave your hair worse than you had before. Invest in many easy to find tools which include sharp scissors, hand-held mirror, and a fine-tooth comb.

How are these tools used?

Sharp scissors are essential for achieving a clean cut void of split ends. Split ends occur when the hair tips split and fray. A hand-held mirror will help you see the back of the hair. A fine-tooth comb is used to smooth out hair.

Chop the hair vertically

When you find your hair looking blockish, you can rectify this mess by making vertical snips into the hair. To achieve this, using a fine-tooth comb, comb small sections of your hair. Clamp each section between two fingers then slowly and shallowly snip upwards using your scissors.

Separate the hair into sections

Basically, every hair stylist will partition your hair into sections. This makes the hair more manageable when working through it. It is a simple task you can do at home, bearing in mind it is not one of the complicated sciences. Dividing the hair into equal portions is all you need to do before the cut!

Cut your hair longer than you expected

Why is this important?

First, you will leave room to easily fix errors if they occur. For example, if you find out that the hair tips are not proportional after trimming, you can have an easy leeway to correct the mistake. Secondly, In case you are trimming wet hair the hair will look shorter when it dries.

Wet your hair

Experts recommend that you wet your hair before cutting it. You can do this by spraying it with water. However, doing this does not work for all types of hair. It works best for dry and curly hair.

Follow the flow of your hair

Simply put, different hair types require different techniques. If your hair is curly, it is better to leave it as it is rather than try to trim it to achieve a singular length. If you have afro-textured hair, brush it out, then cut the hair tips. When done, brush it again and trim out stragglers. This will ensure your hair is equal in length.

Put a bobble

Bobbles are ideal for long hair. To achieve them, simply wisp your hair into a desired pony. Then, comb the pony upwards and carefully chop off the tip. There are tons of YouTube videos that can help you place a bobble strategically for a perfect haircut.

With bobbles, it doesn’t matter the size of your hair. You will always achieve any length as long as you place them correctly.


This is doubtlessly the easiest haircut you can do at home. For you to do it, gather your hair into one bobble. Leave a few inches of loose hair over your ears and at the back of the head, and make sure that the line between the bobble and the loose hair is symmetrical and super-straight. Then, proceed to trim your hair and voila! When you are contented that you have done everything right, cut any loose hair with a pair of scissors and save it off using quality clippers.

The above tips will help you achieve a desirable haircut at the comfort of your home. If followed to the letter, you might find yourself foregoing barber shops and choosing to style your hair your way. Remember, Not all haircuts will appear perfect when you do them yourself. It is, therefore, advisable to seek professional for sophisticated hairstyles.