27 DIY Home Decor To Bring Your Home To Life

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What makes a home stand out? It could be expensive furniture or hardwood flooring, but nothing refreshes your home more than creative home décor. DIY home projects are easy to implement, add a unique touch, and they are budget-friendly too.

Here are a ton of cool DIY ideas that you can upgrade your home:

1. Convert a pair of ladders into a DIY desk: Screw plywood about 3.5 feet high between the ladders. The plywood should be slightly thinner than the ladders so that you’ll be able to screw it on the steps.

2. Turn vintage cookbooks into a knife block: Use twine to bind a couple of vintage books together and stick your knives inside the books. Always make sure the knives are dry.

3. Make string art in your living room: With a couple of nails and colorful strings, make art on cardboard. You can make shapes or write your name or signature. The string colors should blend in with your decor theme color.

4. Lace your bowls:  Use colorful laces to lace your jars and bowls.

5. Make aerosol bottles for home cleaners out of soda bottles: You can store cleaning liquids in an empty soda bottle. Wash a top from a spray paint gun and fix it to the DIY aerosol container.

6. Color your pillow covers:  With a paintbrush and watercolor, paint your pillowcases. Pick a color that will blend in with your decor.

7. Use a globe stand as a paper towel holder:  Remove that old globe that sits in the basement from its stand. Use the stand as a paper towel holder.

8. Make a laundry bag out of a grain sack: Make a small hole near the mouth of the grain sack to make it easy to hang.

9. Use an old road sign as a memo board:  Most vintage sings are metallic, allowing you to use magnets to stick your memos.

10. Get a personalized theme: Pick a theme that coincides with your personality or interests for your DIY decor.

11. Convert a wooden frame to a ribbon display: Display some colorful ribbons in an old wooden picture frame.

12. Hang your tea and coffee mugs: If you are a tea or coffee enthusiast, create some space to use a wood pallet as a mug rack where you hang your mugs.

13. Use a kitchen towel as a flower vase:  Fold a kitchen towel in two and stitch the sides. Fill a plastic bag and plant your flower.  Place your plastic bag in the towel.

14. Gold or silver flower pots:  Spray paint your flower pots using silver or gold-like color paint to give it a premium look

15. Turn an old table into a DIY nightstand: Cut your table into two equal parts. Attach the halves to the wall on each side of your bed.

16. Make mosaic cd mirror art: Make art around your bathroom mirror using old compact disks.

17. DIY shelf: It doesn’t get any easier than screwing plywood into the wall and turning it into a shelf.

18. Turn a shelf into an antique table: You have already made a DIY shelf, which you can use to place a flower vase or picture frame. Paint some antique table legs on the wall to match the color of the drawer and make it look like a table.

19. Use canvas prints: Get a wall canvas print or create a Photowall that blends in with your decor theme.

20. Customize your vase: Paint a brick pattern on your flower vase. This works best on cylindrical vases.

21. Custom shelves: Make DIY shelves in the kitchen using plywood and old mirror frames.

22. Convert a bookcase into a bar: You can display bottles in the middle and lower shelves with the books remaining in the top shelf of a bookcase.

23. Chalkboard canvas: You can design a chalkboard into a shaped canvas where you display paintings.

24. Use vintage hat boxes as bathroom shelves: Screw them to the wall and use them as extra storage for toiletries. They save on space and bring some order to the bathroom.

25. Floating books:  Make a DIY bookshelf out of the books themselves by screwing one to the wall. It will look like the books are floating with nothing at all supporting them.

26. Make a wrapping paper dispenser out of wooden poles: Cut up a wooden pole such as a fishing rod and hang it to make a wrapping paper dispenser.

27. Doormat art: Using a thread and needle, sew colorful beads onto your fabric door mat to give a personalized message.

These are some of the simple ways you can DIY your home on a low budget and kick the gloom out. Most of the things you will require are readily available and do not require expert-level skills. You can improve these skills by practice; it is, after all, doing it yourself.