10 Ways People Used Pallets To Create Super Cool DIY Fences!

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Fences can be expensive to purchase and a pain to put up. If you are looking to create a neat looking fence without the high cost, then you may want to consider a fence made from pallets!

Pallets are easy to acquire and cheap…if not free!

Remember when looking for pallets, ALWAYS get the heat treated ones. They will be stamped “HT” or “heat treated”. If you do not see the stamp, chances are they are chemically treated which you do not want! Those pallets may contain nasty chemicals that will wash off into your garden. You can usually pick up pallets for free on Craigslist, at the store or on facebook.

Check out the following ten pallet fences…they just may inspire you!

1. Great for a pets outdoor pen!


2. Small stylish fence that can accommodate small flower pots as accents!


3. Awesome fence to keep those pesky critters away from your garden!


4. Your pallet fence can double as a vegetable garden!


5. Great fence for livestock or pets!


6. Great looking fence made on the cheap! Cut the tops to a point and your fence will have a little extra flare!


7. This is our favorite! Color up your yard by coloring each pallet a different color!


8. Great idea to protect your raised bed garden!


9. Take apart each pallet and use just the individual slats for a more modern looking fence!


10. Pallet fence with a bench attachment! Awesomeness!


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