DIY Picnic Table Will Keep Your Drinks Chilled On Ice While You Enjoy Some Backyard Fun!

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Our backyards have become a hot spot to hang out during this summer, so why not make your backyard as cool as possible!

Every back yard should have some sort of table, picnic tables are always cool a choice! If you already have a picnic table, we have found a super cool DIY hack for you to redesign your picnic table from plain to awesome!

A super cool tutorial from “Today’s Homeowner with Danny Lipford” shows you how to upgrade your picnic table to a really drink holder, where you can keep your drinks nice and cold while enjoying some fun in the backyard.

The best part about this do it yourself project is that it only takes an hour or two to complete. The necessary tools and materials are pretty simple to get a hold of, such as screws, cleats, a drill, a rain gutter, and a saw.

“Today’s Homeowner with Danny Lipford” put together a step-by-step construction video on YouTube to show how to get the perfect picnic table.

The finished product shows how much it can actually hold, which can be several bottles and cans – all depending on how big the table is that you’re working with. You don’t have store just drinks either, you can store all sorts of stuff in there!

Of course, not everyone is a DIY master. But there is no need to worry since you can always buy a picnic table that already comes with built-in storage. Montogmery Ward has one particular table that was originally $229.99 and has been priced at $199.99.