Journalists Tested Whether Hotels Changed Their Sheets And Made A Pretty Disgusting Discovery

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hotels change bedsheets

Everyone who sleeps in a hotel or motel always wonders if they are sleeping in a dirty bed. Have the sheets been washed and changed since the prior nights guest? Is the mattress clean?

We all would love to answer those questions by simply saying ‘yes’, however we don’t know for sure.

Inside Edition’s investigative team decided to test whether linens are changed before the next guest’s arrival. The results…well…were quite gross.

hotels change bedsheets

The team checked into 9 hotel rooms in New York City, sprayed a harmless, fluorescent paint onto the bedsheet using a stencil that said, “I SLEPT HERE” or “YUCK.”

The hotels on their hit-list included La Quinta Inns & Suites, Residence Inn, Marriott, and Candlewood & Suites.
Then they booked the rooms, under a new name, for the next day, and discovered that the sheets were not changed! When they turned off the lights and shone a UV light onto the sheets, the bright, bold stenciled letters appeared.

“Disgusting! These sheets are dirty,” the reporter said to the managers. “This sheet hasn’t been changed. Why weren’t the sheets changed?”

Most of the hotel managers apologized for what they deemed to be a “simple mistake.”

Check out the discovery video below.