Do You Have Poor Credit? Here’s How You Can Drive Away In Your Dream Car Today

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Do You Have Poor Credit? Here’s How You Can Drive Away In Your Dream Car Today


Have you been dreaming about buying a new car but you’re worried about poor credit? Don’t let it stop you from getting the dream vehicle you’ve always wanted. Just check out these best top lenders now!

It’s important to find a lender that knows and specializes in this particular market. Most people aren’t aware that they can actually qualify for an auto loan despite not having a perfect credit score. In fact, these lenders will even be able to provide certain financial deals that other lenders can’t offer.

Joe Wiesenfelder, executive editor at, explains, “A personal loan from a lender specializing in this market will give you more options when it comes time to finance your next car. Rather than automatically turning you away because of your credit history, a good lender will offer a variety of terms and interest rates.”

If you’ve been burdened with a limited or unsteady credit history, understand that you will probably have to pay higher interest rates on your loan as compared to someone with exceptional credit. However, that doesn’t mean that you still can’t get an acceptable loan that will help you finance your future car.

“There are also loans for people with bad credit who want to buy a used car, and these tend to have lower interest rates than personal loans or unsecured credit cards,” adds Wiesenfelder.

 Moreover, if you’ve had some difficulties in the past but are more assured of your finances these days, take a look at these online lenders that specialize in poor credit.



1. Capital One

Capital One is a financial institution that provides funding to over 12, 000 automobile dealerships all through the United States. These loans are open to anyone with a credit score, regardless of how good it is, or how low it may be. If you happen to have a loan with other lenders but wish to consolidate and refinance the current payments that you already have, Capital One Auto Finance can be of service. They offer car loans at more competitive prices for buyers that might have otherwise been denied by other finance companies due to their credit score or former bankruptcies.

For as long as you meet their requirements, like proof of income and down payment, you may be able to purchase your dream car no matter what your credit history may be.

Plus, applying for credit is simple through their website. All you need to do is complete a short form that matches you with a lender that will compliment you and your current situation, take a look at multiple lenders at one time, then after send them your choice of dealer.


2. Lending Tree

Lending Tree happens to be an online lending marketplace with multiple loan operators that helps tons of Americans get approval for their no-obligation loan in order for them to purchase the car they truly want and deserve. The lenders on this network propose car loans and types of auto financing for buyers with all credit types, even including those with poor or bad credit. Regardless of your current financial situation, Lending Tree may be able to help you find an auto lender that will allow you to either buy or lease a brand new or used vehicle, even from the dealership that you prefer.

In addition, one of their best perks is that they will be able to give you a fair loan with interest rates of just 3.99% in order to finance your car. They are also recognized on the market for keeping their interest rates low and not overcharging their clients, which is a quality that most customers will appreciate in the long run.



3. Auto Credit Express

Auto Credit Express is a financial consultant firm that prides itself in not rejecting credit scores and having immediate responses to their clients. They actually specialize in financing those with bad credit, even offering a variety of options for customers of all different types of credit backgrounds. They offer up to $30,000 on a vehicle purchase, which allows people with poor credit to have more options and buying power than they might have first believed.

They are also known as leaders in the automotive industry when it comes to supplying customers with no-obligation auto loans and car deals, regardless of good or bad credit. Their loans may even help customers purchase either a new or used car from any dealership that they prefer.

Their motto, which is “Hassle-Free Auto Financing,” deems true for customers that choose to go with them for their financing needs.

The Bottom Line

For customers that have bad credit, it doesn’t have to mean the end of the line when wanting to buy a new vehicle. As long as you know where to look, you can still get approved for an auto loan. Reliable lenders won’t only help you find good interest rates for your loan, but they will work with you side-by-side to make sure that your monthly payments will also fit your budget.

So how do you decide which lender is the right fit for you? Make sure to do your research, compare all the options, and get in touch with the right people from each financing company to get a quote. That way, you’ll be able to figure out which lender will best fit your car loan needs and requirements.

Drive away in your dream car today!