Doctor Abandons Car, Walks Through High Flood Waters To Deliver Two Babies

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A doctor in Webster, TX abandoned his car and walked over a half of a mile through high flood waters to deliver two babies. For someone like Dr. Bassem Maximous, M.D., delivering babies is all in a day’s work.

As Maximous was heading to the Hospital to deliver the babies (from two separate patients), the road began to flood due to severe weather. Maximous’ car stalled and when he opened his car door, he was immediately hit in the face by a rush of water. So what does one of coolest doctor’s around do? He walks over a half a mile through waist deep waters to get to the hospital!

It was a good decision on the doctor’s part, because when he arrived at the hospital his first expectant mother was getting ready to push.

Both babies were delivered and are happy and healthy! Everyone needs a Dr. Maximous!

Source : Youtube