Doctor Designs Nebuliser For An Asthmatic 2-Year-Old While In Mid Flight

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nebMeet Dr. Khurshid Guru, the director of the robotics surgery department of the Roswell Park Cancer Institute in New York. Dr. Guru is in the news lately because he managed to create a makeshift breathing apparatus for an asthmatic toddler aboard a pretty long flight from Spain to the US.

With three hours left before landing, something had to be done as the child started to have difficulty breathing. The toddlers parents had accidentally packed the child’s asthma medication in the luggage stored below, and the on-board asthma medicine was for adults. For children, they can’t just breathe in the medication like a regular adult would, it has to be simultaneously delivered with oxygen.

Dr. Guru knew exactly what he had to do, and began assembling together a cup, a water bottle, an oxygen tank and some tape, he managed to get something working for the child. He’s since shared the story on Twitter, hoping to warn others that forgetting to pack something as small as an inhaler can have impacts greater than you could imagine!



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