Doctor Surprises Blind Mom With An Emotional, Beautiful Way To See Her Unborn Son

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Tatiana Guerra is 20 weeks pregnant with a baby boy (Murilo) and she will never be able see what he looks like. This is a true story about Guerra, who lost her eye sight when she was just 17 years old.

This short #film was created by Huggies and I must say that they did a wonderful job. The video is very emotional, so i would get a tissue ready.

As Guerra is in the doctor’s office getting a 3D ultra sound, the doctor asks her a series of questions. Questions about what she feels her baby looks like. As she is describing what she feels he looks like, the doctor is processing and editing the 3D image of her unborn baby boy. Fifteen minutes later, thanks to the incredible 3D printing technology that we now have…Guerra is able to feel her #baby boy’s face.

The video is a must watch and a must share. Technology is amazing and it truly is incredible just how far we have come. Giving the blind the gift of sight, even if it just through touch…she is able to see.

Source : Youtube