Doctors In Brazil Are Treating Burn Victims With Fish Skin And Getting Awesome Results.

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This method of treating burns is far from conventional and the norm, but it is working! 

Doctors in Brazil have taken 52 patients with severe burns on their bodies and used Tilapia fish skin to treat them. 

In the video below, doctors wrap a patient’s severely burnt arm with the fish skins. 

Tilapia skins are plentiful in Brazil as most fish farmers throw them away.  The skins are taken and with a steps, are made odorless and sterilized. 

Doctors call the wrapping of the skins ‘the buffer effect’. The skins prevent contamination and prevents the loss of moisture and proteins to the wound. 

The skins are wrapped on the wound and they remain until the end of treatment, which is 9 to 11 days on average. Towards the end of treatment, the skins will start to peel and fall away from the wound.

Being able to leave the skins on the wound is a huge benefit to the patient as they don’t have to endure the painful and time consuming process of removing wrapped bandages and replacing them daily. 

The patient in the video below states that during the first day of having his arm wrapped with the skins, it was as though his body was rejected them. His arm burned and he was in a lot of pain. However, after a short time, the pain went away and the skins started to help him heal. 

Check it out below, it is a very interesting process and one that appears to yield great results. 


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