Doctors Urge People To Stop Taking Ibuprofen. Use This Healthier, Cheaper Alternative Instead!

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Many of us take Ibuprofen a little more than recommended. It is a go-to pill to relieve aches, pains and the occasional hangover. However, long term use can actually do more damage than good. 

In fact, when you take Ibuprofen, you are not ‘fixing’ anything, you are simply masking the symptoms of your pain on a temporary basis. Over time, Ibuprofen can prove toxic for your heart muscles. 

There is a healthy, natural alternative however…that will not hurt your heart and still relieve many of the same aches, pains and hangover symptoms!

Tumeric! This plant has been given to patients for thousands of years in Asia and it’s a crucial part of Asian medicine.

The powder, which originally comes in plant form, is loaded with powerful polyphenols and turmeric, in its spice form, is known to provide over 600 benefits.

This powerful ingredient in its powder form can be bought at most grocery stores or at natural food establishments.

Although the flavor of this yellowish-brown powder is a bit on the spicy side and earthy tasting, it’s easily blended or mixed with a multitude of various recipes.

Here is an easy recipe that’ll work wonders on your body and won’t cost an arm, leg or heart. 

1. Mix one tablespoon of Tumeric powder with one cup of honey and the juice of one lemon squeezed in a glass.

2. Stir the combination with a wooden spoon.

3. Place one teaspoon of the mixture into a cup of warm water or tea.

4. Enjoy this pain-relieving beverage up to three times a day and you’ll start seeing results in no time at all.

5. Throw your ibuprofen in the trashcan.

According to one study that was published in the Journal of Alternative and Complementary Medicine, turmeric was found to aid in the treatment of osteoarthritis.

109 patients were involved in the study and each of them had been previously diagnosed with osteoarthritis of the knee. Over the course of six-weeks, some of the subjects were given 800mg of ibuprofen and the rest were given 2,000mg of turmeric.

After some time, their pain levels were assessed while they performed various exercises like climbing stairs, walking and bicycling.

After the six weeks was over, those subjects who consumed turmeric showed better results, which means that the all-natural ingredient isn’t just more effective but it’s much safer than popping pills.

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