Does Age Matter When It Comes To True Love? One Couple With A 53-Year Age Differences Says ‘No’

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Does age truly matter when true love is involved?

You have to wonder after you see this Kentucky teenager and his 71-year-old wife.

“My name is Gary, and I am 18 years old,” the teen says. “I’m Amanda, and I’m 71 years old,” she says. Yes, that means they are apart in age by 53 years.

The couple met through Gary’s Aunt Lisa. “We met at her son’s funeral, but I knew her previously,” he says. “And then she got us together in September of last year.” Aunt Lisa sounds like quite the matchmaker. How romantic…meeting at a funeral.

“From day one, when I first met him, I knew I loved him at first sight,” Amanda says. “And we keep growing every day, in our relationship.”

“It’s true,” Gary echoes. “We’re very compatible together, we get along so well, [and we’ve] never had an argument. We love music, we love to sing together. Everything’s just so compatible. She’s my one and only.” Amanda says they’re true soulmates.  Gary smiles at this.

Hey, you never know, I guess. While it’s certainly unconventional, there’s no denying how happy they both look together.

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