Does Having Gay Parents Influence Kids To Be Gay?

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Does having gay parents influence kids to be gay is a question that has debated for quite some time. The topic is very debatable as there are so many opinions as to why someone is gay. Is it a choice? Are you born gay?…so on and so forth.


According to a poll put out by, 68% of the people say no to the question while 32% say yes. That poll is all find and dandy, but we want to know what your thoughts are in regards to the question?

Here are some of the arguments in which people who took the poll made. Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

Yes yes and yes

I have an old friend who’s mother is gay and I found out my friend turned gay, at a very young age. So yes without a doubt having gay parents influences kids to become gay. Not against gay people but it is very sad. If I were I would not let my kids see it.

Sexuality is an identity, not a choice

People cannot choose to be gay or straight, or pansexual, or asexual. They simply identify as something. Did having a male and female parent influence your gender identity? No. Like gender, sexuality is a psychological state that nobody has power over. Besides, the forces driving sexual attraction are mostly special hormones, which are unaffected by who’s parenting you.

No…The Evidence Lies in Genetics

A study was conducted in 2010 that gay and bisexual and queer individuals are born without the gene that produces enzymes. It’s completely natural, and can’t be influenced by anyone or anything. Yeah, it is possible to question your sexuality by being around gay people, but it’s rare. My point is, being around gay people cannot inherently make you gay.

You will have most likly the same abstract identity , values, principal, way of life then your parents

Most decently I say it influences the children,
When we grow up we take fundament values with us and morals and believes, tastes,… I remember when I was young , I was most certainly following whatever my parents ideology was, until you come to an age to do a critical thinking…Guess what I still believe in most stuff apart a few which don’t make sense to me yet. Yes I’m still a proud Muslim . This is my identity, and I believe gay children will hence mostlikely follow their gay parents, they will mostly engage with gay people, eat, etc spend loads of time , until they wear the same garment 🙂 you get me?
I was neverfor same sex marriage, will never be and will teach my children my values until they can make their own critical thinking, also I don’t support the view that gay people can adopt , unless the biological parents agree for a gay parenting. Because Social science research shows that children do best when raised by their own biological mother and father who are committed to one another in a life-long marriage.


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