3 New Pieces Of Technology That Make Our Pets Lives So Much Better!

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Author | Mathew Bojerski

With everyone busy swiping left or right on Tinder or Bumble, checking their feed on Facebook, or buying the latest iPhone, it’s easy to get caught up in technology and forget our friends.  I’m talking about those friends that don’t speak your native tongue and are a bit more hairy than most.  Yes, I’m talking about your pup!

In a perfect world, we’d probably love to just text our pets to say “what’s up” but we just quite aren’t there yet.  I believe the closest we’ve gotten to this fantasy is creating Instagram pages for our pets who more often than not, have more followers than us.  Nothing to be ashamed of!

I think we all know where this post is headed, here’s three new pieces of technology that’s making our pets lives so much better.

1. The World’s First Pet Camera in a Smart Ball

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve been at the office and just wanted to play with Rocko or check-in on him to see how’s he doing.  This cool technology solved the problem of leaving your pet at home and witnessing that sorrowful face wondering if you’re ever coming back.  Let’s be honest, our pets don’t have much to do when we’re not around and this just frankly was a great idea.  Nice job guys!

2. The iFetch


If you haven’t already, you really have to check this thing out.  It’s a “self-serve” ball catching device that your dog can use on its own!  With little to no training, your pup will learn how to retrieve balls and place them into the feeder which then launches the ball across the room or backyard.  Set this up when you’re away from home or simply if your arm is just worn out.  Either way, it’s an automated entertainment device that’ll keep your pets occupied while you’re away.

3. The Invisible Fence


Pet Stop, a leader of the dog fence or invisible dog fence industry has just recently launched a phone app that connects to their systems with real time information.  The invisible fence is an underground system that trains your pets to not venture outside its boundaries.  We all have had that heart-breaking moment where we believe we’ll never find our pet again, thanks to companies like Pet Stop they’re increasing the safety and security of our pets while they’re at home.

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