Doogie Howser’s Trousers Conceal Mini Oscar Statue And No One Is Impressed

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I think it is safe to say at this point, that both the folks in attendance at the Oscar’s last night as well as those of us viewing from a distance were not all that entertained by Doogie’s quick quips and Oscar filled trousers.

At one point during the Doctor’s bleak performance he strutted on to the stage wearing nothing but his tighty whities.  It became quite evident that the M.D. was in fact concealing what appeared to be a very small miniature version of the iconic Oscar’s statue in the front of T.W’s.  (See picture below for reference)


Circled in red, the mini Oscar statue that is believed to be hidden in the front of Doogie Howser’s Trousers

Doogie was at one time one of the youngest and most brilliant Doctor’s of our time, those times have clearly past us by.  I could not help but personally feel bad for the Ol’ Doc as he pranced around half naked with a mini Oscar sticking out of his crotch in phallic fashion.

He made a god damn fool of himself” Doogie’s father was quoted as saying from his home in rural Alabama.  “I used to be proud of my son, ‘my boy the Doctor I would say’…but now…sweet baby Jesus…how the hell am I supposed to show my face around town, huh“? “His mother is probably rolling over in her grave right now.”

Luckily for Doogie, his father’s new wife, who also happens to be Doogie’s Aunt, wasn’t so embarrassed. “I thought my little Doogs did a wonderful job up there on that big ol’ stage in front of all those important peoples.  When he came out on that stage in those fancy shmancy underwears there…that was the Doog Doog I know and love right there, made me want a miniature Oscar myself to hold

There is no word whether or not Mr. Howser will be returning to show business any time soon after last evenings shenanigans.  Maybe he should just stick to being the best, the brightest and youngest damn Doctor around!

Author – CJ@AJ

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