Using Doritos To Grill Your Food Takes Barbecue To A Whole New Level

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Having a barbecue and forgot the charcoal? Uh-oh! Have no fear, just grab a back of Doritos and commence grilling!

New Orleans TV station WGNO created this great how-to video for a backyard barbecue hack.

What You’ll Need:

  • Doritos
  • Fireproof dish
  • Fire
  • Food for grilling

What You’ll Do:

Spread the Doritos in the dish and light them on fire.

Apparently, the neon cheesy dust will catch on fire, and keep the flames burning long enough to warm up some hot dogs. Does it impart some neon cheesy aroma to the grilled food? This might just be the latest trend in gourmet cuisine.

This pair of culinary geniuses experimented with several other kinds of chips as well. Other spicy flavored chips did burn, but Ruffles were clearly immune to the flames. It could be that the heat of the spice catches the flame and makes it keep burning. Probably not, but it could be.


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