VIDEO | This Is What Downhill Longboarding At Almost 50 MPH Looks Like

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Meet skater Andre Golledge, a 16-year-old Australian who recently took his longboard for a downhill ride that had him going 50 miles per hour.

The actual stunt went down on July 23 in Terrigal in New South Wales, Australia, but the video is only surfacing now.

Watching the clip, we’re treated to some amazing footage where, as a car follows Golledge, we see him start to push at the top of a hill, then lead into a crouching speed position to create minimal wind resistance.

After flying around several turns, Golldege moves from the left and then to the right, zooming past palm trees and oncoming vehicles.

The entire stunt is so fast, you can hear the wind whipping in the camera as the whole thing is shot out of the car window. The control Golledge exudes is truly awe-inspiring and immediately puts this dude at legendary status.

One thing is for sure: Andre Golledge definitely has some serious ball bearings.


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