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Source: Microsoft

As it happens, in the old versions of Windows, such as Windows 7, 8, and 10, the product key or otherwise known as the certificate of authenticity was either attached to the bottom or back of PCs or laptops. But with the advancements in technology and recent collaboration of Microsoft and PC manufacturers, it was decided that the OEM code would be directly embedded within the BIOS of these systems as an update and security measure so that the users won’t ever lose this key and would always be able to retrieve it from within the systems.

This is what OEM is and the basic mode of action through which it works. Now, most of the users would all be happy and jolly about the product key working fine and all that, but what if during a recent update or complete reinstall of your Windows, the computer asks for the product key? This won’t happen ever because each time you reset your system, the product key will simply be retrieved by the PC from the BIOS settings. This is by far the most advanced and dedicated system of product key recognition that technology has ever come up with.

Where does the problem arise?

Here, you must be thinking about where the problem starts? Why are you here if you won’t ever fall victim to this problem? The reason you are here is that the problem as it is won’t start over the same PC or laptop where Windows is already installed. It would start where you are intended to install a new copy of the same windows, let’s call it PC#2.

When you try to install the windows there, the windows will install according to the new initiative of Microsoft, but after the process of installation is done, you will have to provide a product key. But as it happens, you don’t have the key with you, so what can you do here? Well, for starters you would require the product key to validate your new copy of Windows over PC#2.  This is where the OEM key global for windows 10 comes into play. You may buy windows 10 license onlineat a discounted rate.

OEM CD Key Global for Windows 10

In order to extract the embedded product key from PC#1, where the product key sits within the BIOS of the system, you will need some kind of extraction tool to complete the process. There are a variety of extraction tools present on the internet, but nothing would get the job done as neatly and efficiently as the OEM CD Key Global for Windows 10.

This is a new and updated tool that has been put forth in the consumer market by testing and working with a bunch of already present extraction tools; it, therefore, removes any chance or room for errors during the process of extraction. It is efficient, speedy, accurate, and very user-friendly to deal with and only requires minimum user interaction because pretty much everything else is automated.

So, the question persists here, such as what you will have to do to retrieve the contents off of your PC#1? All you would have to do is download the OEM CD Key Global for Windows 10 and run the program by administrative privileges. The tool would start to load and, within no time display the product key embedded within the BIOS of the PC#1. You can now use this key as your product key over PC#2 and your copy of windows over that computer would also be properly validated and verified.

Some of you might be wondering that they have other uses in mind for this tool, such as helping renew their copy of Windows 10 or completely reinstall the windows from scratch? These requests can be fulfilled all nice and easy with the help of OEM CD Key Global for Windows 10 at your side.

It comes either in download form and or CD which can be used by the user to validate their copy of the Windows 10 whether they have the product key or not. The tool would automatically connect to the internet and find the product key that is either similar or falls in close proximity to your version and the serial number of the windows installed over your PC.