Dr. Seuss Sales Soar Just Days After Cancel Culture Went On The Attack

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Dr. Seuss sales are soaring and antique and thrift stores are being cleaned out of their Dr. Seuss supplies.

Dr. Seuss Enterprises, which preserves the author’s legacy, announced this week that six titles will no longer be printed due to ‘racist’ imagery.

The titles are as follows:

  • The Cat’s Quizzer
  • Scrambled Eggs Super!
  • If I Ran The Zoo
  • On Beyond Zebra
  • McElligot’s Pool
  • And To Think I Saw It On Mulberry Street

Copies of the beloved children’s author’s most popular books were virtually flying out of Amazon and Barnes and Noble’s warehouses, with his works making up 9 out of the top 10 bestsellers on both companies’ lists as of Thursday evening.

“The Cat in The Hat,” “Oh, The Places You’ll Go” and “Green Eggs and Ham,” three of Seuss’s best-known works, were all out of stock on Amazon but still available at a higher price on Barnes and Noble’s website as of Thursday evening.

Ebay is also attempting to stop price gauging as resellers have flooded the market with Dr. Seuss books in the last few days.

Checking with a handful of antique and thrift stores, we found that all of their Dr. Seuss inventory is completely bought out.

One antique store owner had this to say, “One guy came in and bought every single Dr. Seuss book in the store.”