Driver Speeds Past Stopped School Bus, Nearly Hitting Three Children

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This video made my stomach turn and I am sure it will do the same for you. As a Graham, Washington school bus was stopped and three children were about to board, a vehicle came speeding around the right side of the bus and missed hitting three children by mere inches.

The driver was going to fast for anyone to get a license plate number and sadly this person may never be caught. What on earth was this person thinking? There is no type of emergency that would ever warrant passing a stopped school bus on the right side or left. This person could have taken the innocent lives of three children because they were simply to impatient to wait for a stopped school bus. A very heart-wrenching video, but one that acts as a reminder to always be aware of your surrounding and stay with your children as they are boarding the bus.

One of the children, 5-year-old Charity Wolf was quoted saying that it felt like the the SUV touched her as it went by.

It kind of ran over my shoe a little,” Wolf said.

This is how close this vehicle came to changing the lives of many…for no reason.

Source : Youtube