When You Shop Online While Drunk And Then Deeply Regret It (23 Photos)

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Allowing your friend, or yourself to online shop while drunk…is no different than allowing your friend, or yourself to drive while drunk. Well, maybe a little different…but you get the idea. 

I think many of us are guilty of doing a little online shopping while drinking…clicking that ‘Pay Now’ button is super easy after a few tasty adult beverages!

Here are a few purchases from drunk, online shoppers that are mildly regretful. 

1. 100-Mini Handcuffs

2. Eyeball Headlights

3. This Guy

4. Not so sure this is a regretful purchase.

5. Yesssss!

6. Classy!

7. The most intense shower curtain drunk money can buy!

8. Life size cardboard cutout of Danny Devito 

9. This certainly makes a statement.

10. Tasty…yet magical!

11. Cats are the only one that make out well when drunk shopping takes place. 

12. Slothy!

13. This guy bought his dog some socks!

14. I bet most merchandise purchased with Nick Cage’s face on it…is purchased while people are drunk.

15. Pounds upon pounds of marshmallows!

16. The ‘Dadbod’ beach towel.

drunk online shopping fails

17. A box full of premium cheese!

18. Hope he can return it!

drunk online shopping fails

19. Something tells me this guy bought this when he was sober…just sayin’!

drunk online shopping fails

21. Hey guys…want to come over and play some poker?

22. This one affects all of us…Ordering pizza while drunk can be both awesome…and scary!

23. Iced Tea with a few Ice Cubes!

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