Dude Gets Banned From Yellowstone For Trying To Fry Chicken In Hot Spring

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Can’t a guy just cook up a little chicken?

In an off-limit thermal area of Yellowstone National Park, a man was caught frying up a couple chickens in a hot spring. The incident took place at Shoshone Geyser Basin, where rangers caught word of what was going on and found a dude with pots and chickens in a burlap sack.

The average temp of a hot spring in Yellowstone is 143 degrees Fahrenheit, which isn’t even close to being hot enough to fry up a couple of birds. That’s not to mention the incredible amounts of sulfur in the water. Gross.

To fry up a bird correctly, you really need at least 300-350 degrees Fahrenheit. So while you can definitely cook up a chicken in a hot spring, you definitely couldn’t fry one.