Dunkaroos, The Super Popular 90’s Snack Is Coming Back!

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The 1990’s were filled with a ton of awesomeness. Saved By The Bell, Friends, scrunchies, Arizona Iced Tea and Dunkaroos — all things 90’s kids absolutely loved! Well, we are able to still enjoy pretty much all of those things still…but Dunkaroos have been long gone. Until now!

The tasty snack was introduced to the world way back in 1992 and discontinued production in 2012. For years, it was only available in Canada; General Mills even ran a “Smugglaroos” campaign encouraging Canadians to bring the snack across the border for Americans.

Fast forward to the year 2020 and the companies most popular flavor – vanilla cookies accompanied by vanilla frosting with sprinkles – is coming back to store shelves across the United States this summer!

People have been trying to get Dunkaroos to come back for years, often times taking to social media to plead their case. So maybe we should thank all of the social media pleaders for their return!