Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson Officiates A Surprise Wedding For A Super Fan!

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Now this is just awesome! Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson has become quite close to the guys who run the Youtube channel Screen Junkies. Over the years he has worked with them quite a bit on fun segments and interviews for their web show. Even though Johnson loves all the guys at Screen Junkies, there is one in-particular that he shares a special bond with, his name is Nick Mundy.

Mundy is a life long fan of Johnson’s and the two met a few years back during an interview segment that the Screen Junkies were filming. From that moment on the pair have created a great bond and friendship.

During this segment, Johnson is supposed to be doing a skit of sorts to promote his newest movie ‘San Andreas’. However, the crew at Screen Junkies have a little something different in mind.

Nick was supposed to come up with the ideas for the skit and pitch them to Johnson’s staffers. Well, he did and they didn’t like any of the ideas and postponed the segment for a later date…this was all part of the plan however, but Nick was unaware of this.

A pissed off Nick went back to his crew to break the bad news and all of a sudden The Rock walked out to greet him wearing a full tuxedo.

The joke was on Nick. The Rock and the crew, along with Nick’s fiance’ had planned a surprise #wedding ceremony. The Rock was even ordained by the state of California and wanted to officiate the #wedding himself. What a guy!

Check it out, it’s an #awesome story!

Source : Youtube