30 Dying Professions That You Should Avoid

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It almost feels like technology has taken over the world. In fact, the world has been in Zombie mode, with people walking around in a state of hypnosis as they stare blankly at their phones and other mobile devices. But phones taking over our lives isn’t the only thing that people need to worry about, people need to worry about actual machines and technology taking over their jobs. With the economy being what it is, and companies always looking for ways to cut down on labor costs, this list will show you which professions may one day become either not as vital, or completely obsolete. You may not agree with this entire list, but studies show that whether you like it or not, many of these jobs are dying slow deaths.
If you want to make sure that you will still be needed in the future, take a look at these 30 dying professions you should avoid doing, unless you too, want to become a thing of the past.