Dyson Is Selling A $27 ‘Working’ Vacuum Cleaner To Encourage Kids To Do Chores

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Vacuum giant Dyson has come up with an idea that encourages kids to get hands-on with their chores by releasing a $27 vacuum cleaner suitable for children.

Having your children perform chores, is actually incredibly important.

Research from a well-known seventy-five-year Harvard study examined the childhood psycho-social variables and biological processes that predicted health and well-being later in life, and it was concluded that kids who had chores fared better later in life.

Doing chores encourages motivation and instills a good work ethic into children that only helps them later in life.

Dyson recognizes this and thus released the ‘Dyson Toy Cordless Vacuum‘. The vacuum was such a hit last Christmas, that it sold out almost immediately.

The vacuum retails for $26.99 and it is an exact replica of Dyson’s ‘adult’ vacuum. You can purchase one right on Amazon.com HERE!

According to the product’s description, its features include “realistic sounds” and a “simulated cyclone action” with moving colorful balls in a clear cylinder.

“The working suction action will allow your little one to understand cause and effect, while the maneuverability of the toy develops their motor skills. Great for role play and exploring, your child will adore pretending to help around the house with the Dyson ball vacuum,” the description continues to read.