Ecocapsules | Sustainable Tiny Houses That Will Forever Change How You Live Off Grid

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Living off the grid, providing for yourself and just being free from the rat race of society is truly incredible. There are so many options and ideas in regards to off grid living structures, some are super cool and others, well, not so much. With that said, we introduce to you ‘Ecocapsules’, the coolest sustainable tiny house structure that will revolutionize how you live off grid.


These egg-shaped little homes come from a group called Nice Architects, which is based in Bratislava, Slovakia. And when we say “little,” we do me “little.” The home is just 2.6 sq meters (28 sq feet), and this small space is jammed with sustainable tech. There is a solar array on the roof, and an integrated battery system. The Ecocapsule also comes with a silent 750 W wind turbine and a composting shower and toilet. If that’s not enough, the wind turbine is set on a retractable pole, making it easy to pack up and move to new locations. In addition to this, the Ecocapsule comes with a rainwater collection and filtration system that can provide clean drinking water.

The team states that these features make the Ecocapsule amazingly efficient. Indeed, it could allow people to live on your own for extended periods: “This creates an energy system that can support you for almost an entire year in many off-grid locations,” the team said.


However, the Ecocapsule was designed to be more than just a home…a lot more! It was also designed to serve as a as an independent research station, tourist room unit, or emergency housing unit. In times of emergency, this could provide space for refugees. In the aftermath of devastating earthquakes or other natural disasters, it could provide shelter and clean water to many who have lost their homes.


Per-orders are set to start later this year and the company said that they expect to deliver the first units in the first half of 2016.

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eco inside

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Check them out for yourself at Nice Architects!

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