Ed Sheeran Sued For $100 Million. Accused Of Copying Marvin Gaye Song.

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ed sheeran marvin gaye lawsuit

Singer Ed Sheeran is facing a $100 million lawsuit over his song “Thinking Out Loud,” which the suit alleges borrowed the same melody and rhythms as Marvin Gaye’s “Let’s Get It On.”

A company that owns 1/3 of the rights to the hit song ‘Let’s Get It On’ is suing Sheeran for 1/3 of the profits of his hit song ‘Thinking Out Loud’.

It seems as though $100 million may be a little excessive in regards to the dollar amount in relationship to a small 1/3 percentage of profits, but I guess that is for the courts to settle.

After listening to the two songs side by side, it would appear that Sheeran’s song is incredibly similar to Gaye’s.

This isn’t news to Sheeran either. There is video of Sheeran performing a live mashup of the two songs together at one of his concerts. (seen below)

Take a listen below, what do you think? Did Sheeran copy Marvin Gaye?