Eddie Murphy Returns To SNL After 35-Years And Brings His Old Characters Back To Life

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Eddie Murphy SNL

Eddie Murphy, helped keep ‘S.N.L.’ alive in the 1980s, and he just hosted the show for the first time in 35-years, with help from his old characters and a ton of special guests.

The last time Murphy hosted the show was Dec. 15, 1984, he was just 19-years old. After a few months of being on the show, Murphy quit to focus on his growing film career. During his recent appearance on SNL, he revisited several of his beloved characters, including Buckwheat, Gumby and Mr. Robinson.

During Murphy’s monologue some incredible talent joined him on stage, famed comedians such as Chris Rock, Dave Chappelle and Tracy Morgan.

If you remember Murphy’s character Mr. Robinson, you will love seeing him return. It’s like Murphy never skipped a beat!

Masked Singer judges try to guess which contestant is under the Corn on the Cob mask, of course it’s Eddie as his famous character ‘Buckwheat’.

In this hilarious sketch, Murphy really shows what goes on behind the scenes at family Christmas gatherings.

Murphy’s return to SNL wouldn’t be complete if he didn’t reprise his ‘Gumby’ character!