Effective Ways On How To Eliminate Food Wastes Inside Your Home

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Food waste is a huge problem which many people don’t realize. Almost one –third of the food produced around the world is wasted. America wastes more food versus other developing countries. You might think that food wastes will not affect you, but you have to think again.

Tossing food in the trash is not just wasting your money. This food goes into the landfills, rots, and produces methane gas. This gas is the second most produced greenhouse gas. In sum, throwing your food waste adds to climate change.

Moreover, food wastes use a large amount of water. But you don’t have to worry because there are easy steps to reduce food wastes. Check out the tips provided below:

Shop Smart

The majority of people buy food more than their needs for the week. When you buy in bulk, it can be convenient. But studies show that this shopping technique can only lead to more food wastes.

To prevent buying food more than what you need, take several trips to the grocery store every few days. This is recommended than bulk shopping once per week.

Make it a habit to use all the food you bought during your last shop before buying new supplies.

Moreover, create a list of items that you need to buy and stick to the list for the meantime. With this, it can help reduce impulse buying and eliminate food wastes.

Proper Storage of Food

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With improper storage, it can lead to food wastes. According to studies, about two-thirds of homeowners in America contribute to food spoilage.

Lots of people are not sure of how to store fruits and vegetables. This leads to ripening and getting rotten.

Preserve the Food

Food preservation techniques like pickling and fermenting have been used by the ancient civilizations thousands of years ago.

Today, you can try food preservation methods like fermenting, drying, pickling, curing, and others. These methods can help make your food last longer and reduce food wastes.

Furthermore, it can help you save money and reduce your carbon footprint. Food preservation techniques are fun and easy to do. The Solutions on Waste, Recycling and Processing Recyclable Materials might help in preserving the food waste.

Organize your Fridge

Indeed, a well-stocked fridge is good to know. But when it’s overly filled, it can be bad when we talk about food wastes.

Thus, you can help prevent food spoilage if you keep your fridge organized. With this, you can see the food that you bought and use it immediately.

Use the FIFO method in your fridge. FIFO is ‘first in, first out’. For example, when you buy a carton of oranges, put the newer package first behind the old carton. With this, you can use the older box than the new one. This can ensure that there is no food waste.

Save Leftovers

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You can see leftovers not just during the holidays.

Lots of people save food which is from their large meals; however, it is often forgotten in the long run. As such, make sure that you store the leftovers in a glass container to be reminded from time to time from Solutions on Waste, Recycling, and Processing Recyclable Materials.