Another Massive Secret Chamber Discovered In The Great Pyramids Of Egypt

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egypt pyramid secret chamber

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The Great Pyramids of Egypt just keep on giving up secrets!

People around the world have long been memorized by the secrets of the Great Pyramids for hundreds of years. The secrets of the pyramids really shot into the spotlight back in 1922 when Howard Carter found the hidden tomb of Tutankhamun, the boy king.

Discoveries related to ancient Egypt have been few and far between the last few decades. There have been a few small discoveries, but nothing earth shattering…until now.

One of the biggest mysteries about the pyramids is how they were built. The construction of the pyramids is absolutely mind blowing and would take an incredible amount of mathematical concepts and specialized equipment to replicate today.

Another mystery the pyramids hold is the fact that they are filled with secret chambers that no one can access. In a recent discovery, scientists using a penetrating radar system made a monumental discovery in the Great Pyramid of Giza.

egypt pyramid secret chamber

It appears that they have discovered a massive, secret chamber inside the walls of the ancient building. It is above the chamber known as the Grand Gallery, and is comparable in size, roughly 100 feet, yet somehow it has managed to remain hidden all these years.

“The romantic interpretation and what everyone wants to hear is that this is a hidden room and the king’s body is inside or there’s grave goods we didn’t know about or we’re going to learn more about history … and none of that is responsible speculation at the moment,” cautions Peter Der Manuelian, an Egyptologist at Harvard University.

Notes from the Cape

It is likely going to be a long time before anyone actually finds out what is truly in the massive hidden chamber(s). In the past, archeologists would blast through walls in the great pyramids, but that often destroyed historical (or valuable) aspects of the structures. The team wants to see if they can get some tiny robots to slip into the hidden chamber to bring back more data before they start making further moves to get into the chamber.